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Psychological warfare or breed rape? 0411 (inconnue)

By popular demand. Those of you who feel that type of pressure, you need to read this below. You are not alone.
I am thinking of preparing a "fill in the blanks" exercise with the names of those who play these [i]games[/i].
Problem is there would often be the same names, over and over. [:1:]

War rape

Why this title ? I had thought of “gang bang”
which I thought to be negative and read that it was “positive”.
Shows how much I know, huh! [:3:]

Keep smiling. Avoid wrinkles...
This photos was taken on my 57th birthday.
I was in the south of France with some friends.
That weekend was the Marseille dog show.
It was a nice weekend, on the one hand.

On the other hand, Django, of my production had been elected “Romeo”
For a mating. That same weekend.......
Luckily, oh so luckily, looking back, his straws ( sperm) were checked.
There were no puppies seen in the female at 4 weeks, unfortunately.

Knowing how vicious, many are, it’s a good thing sperm was done documented as being of good quality.
Wrath would have fallen on him and consequently, on me.
One never misses an opportunity to slander, does one.

I am thinking back to Mollymae and the wrath and hate that fell upon me after she died along with her 4 6-week old pups in her belly. That was in 2005.
That was my first opportunity to be attacked. It was violent.
Many opportunities have followed.....

I think I’m still here because of the Iroquois and Polish genes in my body.

I am thinking back to all the nastiness, resentment, hypocrisy, jealousy, prejudice, racism,despisedness,
Offensiveness,bitterness..........and I could go on.........and on.

I have written the history of a French breed that has been treated with disrespect for just over 30 years. It has taken 8 years. 8 years is a long time.
I have been in this Barbet world for 11 now.Oh, my.

I have tried real hard and succeeded in not putting any of that “part” of the negative side of the Barbet history meaning wars betweek people, even though is has a lot to do with WHY the breed is not progressing....
Despite the fact that we are supposed to learn from “history”, those same feeling are now transferred into other countries where Barbets are being “fabricated”.

30 years of fighting is obviously not enough to destroy people and their dogs by slander, and defamation. Discrimination also works well.
So does war rape.

Why do I use the term war rape? Because when you read the entire definition on wikipedia, it fits to a T.

War rape terminology:
Spread rumors: “Don’t buy her dogs because they’re sick.
Buy from me because I know what I’m doing...
Ask questions...but only to me.
A professional breeder knows what he’s doing...”

War rape actions:
Slander people behind their backs and be as disrespectful as humanly possible.
Make sure dogs can’t be registered (especially the ones who can contribute to the positive side of the breed).
Tell everyone that you know exactly what a Barbet is, but you discard the parts of the standard that don’t apply to your production.
Sue people in courts of law whenever possible
Send complaints to clubs.
Omit telling people what makes you competent in the French rare breed.
Don’t use any references, but Buffon 300 years ago.
Spread propaganda
Say you are the only breeder for a population of several million in your country to ensure popularity, reverance and a long waiting list.
Put restrictions on any type of breeding and change rules so they fit your mood of the day and make you feel powerful, to eliminate people and dogs.
Use psychological warfare to your best to humiliate the “enemy” into giving up breeding.
Undermine their morale...that should make you vibrate and feel pleasure, no?
Use forums to attack people behind their backs.
Intimidation works.
Your "references" being information and lists found here and there with not any proof.
Who needs proof???? "What I say is much more important".

There’s a bunch of real “sick-os” out there.
The list of names is growing every day.
You are aware or not of it because there are so few “breeders”...and since it happens in all breeds, it makes it easier to justify it in ours.
Not a brilliant picture, is it.

War rape or breed rape?

If I have missed anything, feel free to let me know. And of course, complain to the club. They’re used to it.
As you won’t miss the opportunity to tell me I’m an idiot and I can’t spell or speak English.

I personally have just asked our ruling authority to explain how the Barbet is a trash can of breeds mixed together as described on the official French website, where the ATI pedigrees are shown since the mixed breeds have to be registred as ATI as H’Alix, Ratzeputz, the Blackyssssss etc. I don’t understand how all these other breeds show up on pedigree databases and not IN pedigrees......... I think we deserve an answer.

Now I will do the work I get paid for. Breeding, is a passion for me, not a means of “making” money. Passion I share with many people.
Have a good day.

I will remove this rapidly after “you” “who” it was written for have read it and that won’t take long. Just want the time zones to be covered.

Written by the responsible of Barbet, France.
Je dois reconnaître que tu as fait un très gros travail (presque sans fautes). Le parcours a été émaillé de problèmes dus, plus à nos caractères respectifs et à l'introduction dans l'histoire de Mme Pètre que je n'aime pas, qu'à de véritables divergences au sujet du barbet.
Au final [u]je salue ton travail qui sert bien la race[/u] [u]et marquera son histoire[/u]. Je salue la volonté "coriace" de l'avoir fait envers et contre tout.
Nous ne sommes rien, nous mourrons toutes les deux, mais je pense que le barbet nous survivra ce qui n'était pas évident il y a 10 ans

What is in the official version is slightly different:

[b]Selon les dires de M JC Hermans, il n’y a jamais eu de retrempe avec un Barbet LOF.
( dans son article : Le Barbet, le caniche des Champs en 1990), rédigé par Alain Bourgrain-Dubourg.
Il y a eu trois Grands Caniches utilisés en retrempe avec des Barbettes de 1988 à 1990 et notamment les étalons [b]Caniches[/b] Grands Noirs "BARON de l'Ame du Prince des Hortillons"
et "THELEX de la Chambonnerie" sur la chienne Barbet "AU FIL de l'EAU du Closeau des Cœurs Fidèles". Il a été également utilisé un étalon grand [b]caniche[/b] blanc "BRUSS du HAUT PACQUIS" sur la Femelle Barbet "ESTURGEONNE des Saute Ruisseaux". Il semble que se sont les seuls accouplements "retrempe" qui ont donnés suite à des inscriptions au Livre généalogique des Barbets.

Afin de recouper cette information au sujet du Caniche, il apparaît que dans le livre Chiens de France édité par la Société Centrale Canine p 67, que le barbet d’arrêt de 1927, d’un amateur du Nord,( M Le Houelleur sous l’affixe de Floirac et qui a travaillé en étroite collaboration avec le Docteur Vincenti élevage du Mas de la Chapelle), des années 30 était quasiment disparu…et que « des amateurs de cette race s’attachent aujourd’hui à reconstruire un chien AUX MÊMES QUALITES originelles par différentes sélections à partir de caniche et de chiens inscrits à titre initial…. [u]Ce qui voudrait dire qu’aucun Barbet LOF n’ait été utilisé et cela confirme que retrempe, il n’y a jamais eu.[/u]
Il y avait des Barbets ATI inscrits à partir de 1969, dont R’Lucky de l’article de M Le Houelleur, juge SCC dans la Revue : Vie Canine. [b][color=#FF0000][u]Il y avait, depuis 1970, environ 150 Barbets inscrits au LOF avant 1988 et aucun n’a été utilisé[/u] [/color][/b]

Had Mrs Pêtre not been around, there would be NO Barbet, no M Georgii, no one, not you, not me. Life would have gone on with the poodle selection work of the poodle clubs around the world.Told you it was only a people problem. Were people not around, the Barbet would go back to being a natural breed, untampered by human hands...


Pour info

[i]Bonjour "Renée"
Rassurez vous, vous ne pouvez pas comprendre si vous ne savez pas qu'il y a sur le net un site (webmasters Renate Zuber et Rosita Compagner, que Mme Fichter ne peut souffrir !) qui permet entre autre de faire des mariages tests de barbets selon la généalogie officielle, celle de la SCC. Les % de consanguinité, selon le nombre de générations, donnés par ces mariages tests sont tout à fait fiables et bien utiles sauf que......
.......D[color=#FF0000]'autres éleveurs de barbets (dont moi) ont leur propre database construite sur la réalité des pedigrees dont vous n'êtes pas sans savoir que certains sont différents de ceux de la SCC !!!!!!![/color]

J'ai suivi de près un débat ancien au sujet d'un mariage de barbets en Suède dont le % de consanguinité sur 5 générations était supérieur à ce que préconise le club Suèdois pour donner son feu vert à la saillie. Je suis intervenue pour dire au club Suèdois que puisqu'il n'ignorait pas que les pedigrees avaient été traficotés, il devait admettre que le % de consanguinité du mariage litigieux, redescendaient à un niveau acceptable pour eux (6,9 %) avec les pedigrees véritables.

Mme Fichter agite encore une chiffon rouge pour se faire remarquer car [u]depuis longtemps déjà,[/u] les pedigrees sont sincères et les magouilles de Georgii assez anciennes pour que les mariages tests d'aujourd'hui, si on ne remonte pas à 10 générations en arrière, donnent des % de consanguinité corrects.

C'est assez spectaculaire dans le cas que soulève Mme Fichter puisque sur 4 générations le inbreeding est de 3,12 %, sur 5 générations il grimpe à 10,2 % et sur 10 générations il atteint 14,3 %.

Je ne comprends même pas que Mme Fichter mette son doigt dans un engrenage qui conduit à démontrer que Georgii est l'artisan du phénomène. Il ne pouvait pas déclarer à la SCC les mariages qu'ils faisaient réellement parce que certains chiens n'étaient pas confirmés en France et que d'autres n'étaient pas des barbets ( SWD, PWD et IWS). Alors il déclarait des mariages arrangés, des frères et soeurs confirmés pour être en conformité avec la SCC mais du même coup il faisait grimper le inbreeding. A l'époque tout le monde s'en foutait et maintenant qu'il est mourant elle ressort l'histoire en faisant croire que c'est Mme Zuber qui falsifie les résultats d'un outil si utile à tous. J'ai toujours les aveux de Georgii et de Inge Fisher concernant les croisements qu'ils ont faits en toute illégalité. Je ne désapprouve pas ce qu'ils ont fait, c'était utile à la race et surtout aux chiens qu'ils avaient récupérés chez Mme Pètre, mais ils savaient qu'en déclarant ce qu'ils faisaient réellement ils devaient entrer en guerre avec Hermans et passer par une longue phase de reconnaissance par la SCC pour en définitive produire des chiens à titre initial.

Du buzz, toujours du buzz pour qu'on parle d'elle, c'est lassant.

Bonne fin de journée



When people are not on [b]her/their[/b] side, they are not helped by our Barbet "responsible" then I will continue alerting everyone.That is not fair. Not for buzzbuzzbuzz, but for the Breed called "Barbet".
Many have lied. Poor Georgii is only on the end of all this.
Not at the beginning.He is at the end of a long line of people destroyed by the warfare, underhanded, cunning, vile tactics.

Mme Zuber is not falsifying pedigrees.No one said she was.
When you publish Spanish Water dog pedigrees on a barbet database (and the likes) and say on the SCC website they are in the breed then people need to know for breeding purposes. All of us not just a few selected people/ breeders. OR take it off the SCC website.

And yes, there are Barbets with no Barbet blood.
Yes, that is also possible.Read the factual history of the Barbet. In next post.

PS: "said" litter was NEVER accepted in Sweden, regarless.

It is unacceptable that any country's official website refers to a private website as a reference for a breed.
It is unacceptable that a private database be referred to as official by several countries in the world, but not france.
It is unacceptable that the club website's homepage not feathure a Barbet, but just Lagottos;
it is unacceptable that the club run a 500-euro ad in a specialized magazine for truffle aficionado and not for the Barbet.
It is unacceptable that the club spends time attacking breeders and not supporting them.
It is unacceptable that no information is given to any breeder to help him do his work.
This is featured in the statutes and interior rules of the club. However, when one refers to them, one doesn't get an answer.
It is unacceptable the club never answer anyone's letters...
It is unacceptable that countries accept to be given "free" rein to do what they want to our french breed.
IF France accepts a private database as official database, then they will have to justify the reason for being there of the SWD, IWS pedigrees, ALL the poodle pedigrees and accept the fact that ther was never any redipping with Barbet blood which would validate all the poodle pedigrees in said database.
The tangled web to unweave?
There is a Barbet mafia working to destroy what Barbet blood is left, only because of the owners. not the dogs.

Psychological warfare.

Where is the French club stud database, breeding plan, help for breeders, breeders' meeting???????? No time.

Yes, I am waving a flag.Not to get attention on my person. BUT on the breed which some are destroying and slandering.